Once you have placed your order, take these few steps to make sure everything goes smoothly.

When your order is received at RSB iMEDIA a representative is appointed and ensures the smooth running of the production process of your order. Here's how you can help your representative and yourself, while your project with us.

Frequently check the status of your order.
Login to our project management site available at any time for an update in real time what is happening with the project.

Approve your proofs as soon as possible.
The final delivery date of your project depends on the date you approve your proofs . We cannot make up for any delay in this matter. We can not start production before all the elements required (master and graphics) are received and approved. (Note: If you submit a CD as a master, you will not get a test sample for verification).

Communicate in writing for clarity and a possible return to references.

When you approve your proofs or if you have a correction request, it must be done in writing.

Ask questions !

We are experts, we therefore have the answers that could make your project look beautiful as what you would expect . This will secure you . Prevention is better than cure.

Do not plan your launch before your product is in your hands.

With a custom manufactured product, there is never a guaranteed delivery date. There is always a possibility of delays due to one reason or another. Despite the fact that we have a system of highly effective planning that allows us to deliver on time, it can happen that an unexpected problem may delay the project.